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Equestrian Board Room

2nd Floor, Chetola Lodge

Room Size: 20' x 25'

Square Footage: 500 sq ft

Theatre: 36

Classroom: 28

U-Shape: 18

Hollow Square: 24

Reception: 37

Round Banquet: 27

Long Banquet-Separate: 24

Long Banquet-Line: 30

Board Room: 24

equestrian board room

Evergreen Room

2nd Floor, Chetola Lodge
Room Size: 55' x 35'
Square Footage: 1,925 sq ft

Theatre: 160
Classroom: 108
U-Shape: 45
Hollow Square: 52
Reception: 110
Round Banquet: 110
Long Banquet-Separate: 110
Long Banquet-Line: 98
Board Room: 45

evergreen room

Appalachian /
Blue Ridge Room

Main Level, Chetola Lodge
Room Size: 30' x 54'
Square Footage: 1,620 sq. ft.

Theatre: 150
Classroom: 65
U-Shape: 40
Hollow Square: 45
Reception: 87
Round Banquet: 80
Long Banquet-Separate: 60
Long Banquet-Line: 65
Board Room: 45

The Appalachian / Blue Ridge Room may be used as two separate meeting rooms.

Individually the dimensions are as follows:

Room Size: 30' x 27'
Square Footage: 810 sq. ft.

Theatre: 55
Classroom: 30
U-Shape: 22
Hollow Square: 28
Reception: 40
Round Banquet : 36
Long Banquet-Separate: 24
Long Banquet-Line: 32
Board Room: 20

Embers Room

2nd Floor, Chetola Lodge
Room Size: 24' x 30'
Square Footage: 720 sq. ft.

Theatre: 45
Classroom: 27
U-Shape: 20
Hollow Square: 24
Reception: 35
Round Banquet: 32
Long Banquet-Separate: 22
Long Banquet-Line: 20
Board Room: 24

Built-in Fireplace, Lakeview
and Access to Outdoor Deck

embers room

Timbers Room

(Dining Only)
Main Level, Timberlake's Restaurant, Bob Timberlake Inn
Room Size: 25' X 36'
Square Footage: 900 sq. ft.

Breakfast (Squares Only): 40

Lunch (Squares Only): 40
Dinner (Rounds): 50

**Requires food and beverage and/or guest minimum.

Wireless Connections

Complimentary High Speed Wireless Internet Connections are available in all meeting rooms as well as in all guest rooms in Chetola Lodge and the Bob Timberlake Inn.

Conference Equipment

Chetola Conference Services provides the following equipment upon request at no charge:

Projector Carts
Flip Chart Stands

The following equipment is available for a rental fee.
Portable Public Address (PA) System
Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer
Slide Projector
LCD Projector
Flip Chart Pads
Dry Erase Boards
Overhead Projector
Lavaliere Microphone

For more information, please contact:
Chetola's Events and Group Sales Manager

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