chetola resort adventures
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chetola resort adventures

For beginners or seasoned anglers, our Orvis endorsed guides offer expert instruction on Chetola Lake, a seven-acre lake stocked three times per year with more than 2,000 pounds of brown and rainbow trout. The lake is also home to several local species of fish including catfish and small mouth bass. Instruction is specialized to fit all proficiency levels, so you can learn brand new skills or improve upon the ones you already have.

chetola resort adventures
wade trips

Instruction includes:

  • Familiarization of Orvis equipment and tackle
  • Casting lessons
  • Fly tying
  • Gear and water education
  • Casting and catching techniques
  • River etymology


  • 2 hours - $125 per person
  • 4 hours - $250 per person

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chetola resort adventures

Cancellation Policy: A deposit in the amount of $150 per guide is due when the trip is booked. Trips canceled 14 days or more before the scheduled trip date will receive a full refund. Trips canceled within 14 days of the scheduled trip date will result in forfeiture of full deposit. All guides will happily accommodate guests in various weather conditions; however, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule trips if we deem conditions unsafe. Guests whose trips are cancelled by our guides will receive a full refund. Trips are all-inclusive, excluding lodging and gratuity. Lodging at Chetola Resort is offered at reduced rates when booking fly fishing packages.

Signed waivers are required for everyone participating in a trip.