Chetola Statement of Faith

Chetola - the old Cherokee name means “Haven of Rest,” and after years of seeing miracles and wonders, we have come to recognize God in this place. We acknowledge that the peace, beauty, and rejuvenation so many have found here are all gifts from Him, and so we seek to honor Jesus by fulfilling His command to love God and love each other.

We appreciate that you have every right to believe there is a God or there is not. We too share that right and express it in how we live and with what we are entrusted. Our actions are not meant to force our beliefs on others, and all faiths are welcome here. We simply want to encourage the recognition of the many glorious gifts which surround us here and for some to acknowledge the great Creator.

Our goal is to serve our guests with love and excellence regardless of their beliefs: and for all who seek it, we offer a weekly prayer request and Sunday services from Antioch Community Church.

You are welcome to join us.
Kent & Shelley, Greg & Anne Tarbutton, Rachael Renar


Prayer Requests

How can we pray for you today?

If you would like to receive a response, please include your email address in the email body below.

Chetola Chaplains

Scott & Becky Lycan first moved to the High Country in 2007, as their restoration location from the mission field. It is a great thrill for them to be senior leadership in the planting of Antioch Community Church of Boone; launching a new expression of the Body of Christ is a privilege and a wonderful challenge. This is their third church plant in North Carolina in the last 25 years, from ‘legacy’ church structures to house church networks.

The local faith community they help lead, Antioch Community Church of Boone, meets at Chetola Resort on Sunday mornings. As a gathered church, they pray regularly for the needs of the staff and guests at Chetola, especially those prayer requests placed in the “Prayer Bowl” located just off the resort registration desk (and now online too!). They hold a ‘Zoom’ prayer time every weekday from noon until 1 p.m. and welcome any prayer requests or folks joining with them during that time. Just email and let him know. He will send a meeting invitation and link.

Thanks for joining our High Country Chetola community!

Daily Prayer

Our Chaplains, Scott & Becky Lycan, host a daily weekday prayer from 12pm-1pm via Zoom. To join them, please email Scott directly at He will send out a meeting invite and link.

Antioch Church Sunday Service

As soon as it is deemed safe to congregate for church service, Antioch Community Church will return to Chetola on Sunday mornings. Until then, please join them for their weekly message at

Sandy Dunbar's Bring Back the Joy Event

August 4th, 2020 at Chetola Resort

Words of Encouragement