On warm summer days in the mountains, the best way to cool off is an adventure to a beautiful waterfall! Luckily, being in Blowing Rock, you are never too far from waterfall adventures all around the High Country.

If you’re looking to cool off this summer on your next visit to Chetola Resort, here are our favorite falls in the area:

Glen Burney Falls

Located just 3 minutes from Chetola Resort, these beautiful falls are right in the heart of Downtown Blowing Rock. On this 3.2 mile out and back trail, enjoy views of Glen Marie Falls and Glen Burney Falls at the end of the trail. In addition to viewing the falls, at the beginning of the trail you can find remains of an old structure.

This trail is a favorite of Chetola guests and visitors because its location makes it a great adventure to experience before or after exploring Downtown Blowing Rock. You can even walk from downtown to the trailhead for the falls! It’s the perfect hidden gem, right in town!

This trail is rated as moderate but does have a few steep spots and rocks/roots can be slick so hiking shoes or sturdy shoes are recommended.

Otter Falls

Otter Falls is located in the adorable town of Seven Devils, North Carolina, a short 30-minute drive from Chetola Resort. At the trailhead, you have the option to enjoy 4 different short trails. The hike to the falls is a short 1 mile out and back trail that allows adventurers to enjoy the unique flora of the High Country as well as the beautiful Otter Falls.

Visitors love this spot because the trek is less strenuous than some other waterfall hikes in the area, but Otter Falls is just as stunning as some of the bigger falls.

The trek to Otter Falls is rated as moderate and does descend about 230 feet towards the falls. Hiking boots or sturdy shoes are recommended.

Elk River Falls

Located just past Banner Elk in the town of Elk Park, the Elk River Falls trail provides a spectacular view of a 50 ft waterfall after a short hike. Follow the trail sign for “Big Falls” for an easy ¼ of a mile walk and you will find yourself at the top of the falls. Take in the views of the water tumbling down and then continue down the trail for another ¼ mile (this last part is a little steeper) and you’ll find yourself at the base of the falls. At the base, there is a big, flat rock where many sit to enjoy the views or take a picnic (we highly recommend a to-go meal from Timberlake’s). Many people also take the opportunity to swim in this spot, but please read the notes below about safety precautions at Elk River Falls.

Hiking boots or sturdy shoes are recommended.

*Important Note: Although swimming is allowed at the pools below the falls, you should NOT swim near the base of the falls or at the top of the falls. The currents are too strong for wading in these spots and can be deadly. You should also not jump from the top of the falls.

Linville Falls

Linville Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in the area. Known for its accessibility via the Blue Ridge Parkway (milepost 316) and the gorgeous, plunging falls that lead into the Linville Gorge, the Linville Falls trails are a must-see for waterfall enthusiasts.

The Linville Falls area offers 3 different trails for those seeking a view of the falls. The Erwins View Trail is a 1.6-mile round trip hike that is rated as moderate and takes hikers to various overlooks viewing the falls. The Linville Gorge Trail is 1.4 miles round trip and is rated as strenuous. The Plunge Basin Trail is a strenuous 1-mile round trip down to the base of the falls and back up.

You will be mesmerized by the views from any of these trails and your trip to Linville Falls will be an adventure you cherish forever.

Hiking boots and sturdy shoes are recommended especially for the Plunge Basin Trail and Linville Gorge Trail which are strenuous and can be slippery if rocks are wet.

*Important Note: Swimming in this area is extremely dangerous and not allowed. Please stay behind all signs and follow all rules. They are there to keep you safe from the falls.

The Cascades

The Cascades Trail is another wonderful waterfall hike just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in E.B. Jeffress Park (milepost 272.5). The beautiful Cascades are located along a 1.1-mile loop that is rated as moderate.

Follow the trail until you get to a steep set of steps that takes you down to the overlooks. The first set of steps to the overlook are not too bad, but the second set is considered very steep. Both overlooks provide a gorgeous view of the falls cascading down the rocks and into the lower mountains below.

Hiking boots and sturdy shoes are recommended for this trail.

*Important Note: People have gotten severely injured on this trail. Please do not climb on the falls or sit/stand on top of the stone walls.

After a fun day full of adventures and beautiful waterfalls, end your day with a mouth-watering meal from Timberlake’s Restaurant! Whatever waterfall you choose to explore on your next visit to Chetola Resort we hope you have a splashin’ good time!

*Please be sure that when exploring you leave the waterfalls and the areas surrounding them better than you found them. Please pick up all trash, leave only footprints, take nothing but photos and follow OutdoorNC’s seven principles for recreating in North Carolina. Find the seven principles by visiting https://www.visitnc.com/outdoornc

We also recommend reservations for any activities you are interested in at Chetola Resort:
For the Spa at Chetola Resort call:
Chetola Sporting Reserve

Due to the influx of visitors, we highly recommend that you make reservations for activities in advance to ensure availability. If there are any activities not listed that you are interested in booking, please contact our concierge at 828.295.5509 for assistance.


Pine 2

Pine 2

$499,000 | Furnished with a few exceptions

3 bedrooms |  2 baths | This unit was originally a Chetola model built in 1993. Seller is the original owner; unit has never been rented. It has not been updated, however, it has been meticulously maintained and lovingly cared for!! Updating would be mostly cosmetic, as the unit is well-built and in great condition. Wonderful closet space, side by side washer/ dryer, and is centrally located near all amenities.


The higher elevations of Western North Carolina have been a refreshing respite for those living in the “lowlands” of the state for years. There are stunning views, big mountain peaks, endless recreation, lush forests, cascading rivers, exciting wildlife, room to roam, and plenty of fresh air. As you go up in elevation, the temperatures are also noticeably cooler. On a summer day, temperatures can range from the mid-’70s in the Western Mountains above 4000 feet to the mid-90’s in the Inner Coastal Plain area. When you add the humidity to the coastal areas, it can literally feel over 25 degrees hotter than the mountaintops (especially with those pleasant breezes).

From a meteorological perspective, air at higher altitude is under less pressure than air at lower altitude because there is less weight of the air above it, so it expands (and cools), while air at lower altitude is under more pressure so it contracts (and heats up). So, scientifically, you can rely on the temperatures almost always being cooler in the higher elevations or on top of a mountain. For planning purposes, if you are looking for an escape from the heat throughout the summer, you can bet on approximately 3 degrees cooler per 1000 feet in elevation gained. If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and the heat and humidity make it less desirable, we invite you to come visit our beautiful mountains.

The town of Blowing Rock is just over 3500 feet in elevation (3566’), with some of the surrounding areas climbing above 5,000’ (Grandfather Mountain and Beech Mountain). This equates to average summer temperatures are generally in the upper 70’s during the day and in the upper 50’s at night. In addition to the cooler temperatures, it is also easy to find shade or a cool mountain breeze, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway. With the cooler temperatures due to the reduction in pressure from the air above, the higher elevations allow us to immerse ourselves in the endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Now, you have to decide what to do! Here are some of our favorite activities to enjoy under less pressure:

Hiking, horseback riding, rafting, tubing, ziplining, fishing, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, clay shooting, reading a book by the lake, driving the Blue Ridge Parkway (with the windows down!), picnicking, bonfire with s’mores, jogging, and exploring a new park.

Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, fly-fishing, reading a book by a cozy fire, biking (fat bikes over snow), and many of the summer activities with warmer clothing 😊

Rough Ridge

Elevations of Nearby Towns

Boone                        3,333’
Blowing Rock           3,566’
Banner Elk                3,701’
West Jefferson         3,000’
Newland                    3,606’
Linville                      3,665’

Elevations of Nearby Mountain Peaks
Beech Mountain                  5,506’
Sugar Mountain                   5,300’
Grandfather Mountain       5,946’
Elk Knob                               5,566’
Mount Jefferson                  4,616’
Howard’s Knob                    4,420’
Roan Mountain                    6,285’


Take some pressure off of yourself and go enjoy some time in the great outdoors!


Looking for adventure and to explore all the beauty that Western North Carolina has to offer? One of the best ways to experience the outdoors in the High Country is to visit one of the four North Carolina State Parks located within an hour of Chetola! All 4 of these beautiful state parks boast hiking trails for all skill levels, breathtaking views, and unique plant and animal life. Your visit to Blowing Rock won’t be complete without a visit to one of these spots.

Grandfather Mountain State Park (Banner Elk, NC – 26 min)

Not to be confused with Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation (which is also awesome but requires an entry fee) Grandfather Mountain State Park is one of the most spectacular areas in all of North Carolina. The mountain is considered as one of the East’s most significant peaks and has over 70 species of rare, threatened, or endangered species that can be found in the park. Some of which are similar to those found in higher elevations of Canada. With over 13 miles of hiking trails and lots of adventure, Grandfather Mountain State Park is a must see on your visit to the High Country.

Elk Knob State Park (Todd, NC – 33 min)

Elk Knob State Park features one of the highest peaks in North Carolina’s high country at 5,520 feet and offers spectacular North and South views at the summit of Elk Knob. Known for its winter weather, Elk Knob State Park is the only NC State Park that allows visitors to cross country ski. Elk Knob is unique, not only for its gorgeous views, but it is also an amphibolite mountain which makes it so the mountain is able to provide habitat for unique and rare plants. With unparalleled mountain views, incredible plants, and 4 amazing trails for all abilities, Elk Knob should be on your adventure list.

Mount Jefferson State Natural Area (West Jefferson, NC – 44 min)

Mount Jefferson State Natural Area is amazing not only for its panoramic views at Luther Rock, but for its access to the nearby town of West Jefferson! Mount Jefferson has a wide (and beautiful) variety of diverse trees, shrubs, and wildflowers and if you’re quiet, you may just spot one of the unique critters that call this park home. And, with 6 different trails to venture down, you could spend quite a while exploring everything Mount Jefferson has to offer. If you’ve been wanting to enjoy a beautiful hike and explore another small town in the High Country, a visit to Mount Jefferson State Natural Area is the perfect day trip for you on your Blowing Rock vacation!

New River State Park (Laurel Springs, NC – 59 min)

The New River runs throughout North Carolina and the state park offers multiple access points for visitors to enjoy this iconic and beautiful river. Though paddling the river is the most popular activity at New River State Park, you can also enjoy 11 different trails, fishing, swimming, and riverside picnic areas. Besides boasting lots of fun activities, New River State Park is also home to diverse plant and animal species. If you’re looking for a unique (water-filled) adventure in the High Country, check out all the different activities you can enjoy at New River State Park!

No matter what kind of adventure you’d like to have, there is a North Carolina State Park for you and your family to enjoy.

And after your day full of adventuring, come to Timberlake’s for a delicious dessert – you’ve earned it!

**When you go out venturing to the North Carolina State Parks please be sure to follow Visit North Carolina’s Outdoor NC Leave No Trace Principles and leave our parks looking beautiful 💙 Read more about how you can help preserve the natural beauty of our state by visiting https://www.visitnc.com/outdoornc.



Vacations are meant for sweet treats and delicious foods. And, the best way to start your vacation in Blowing Rock is with sweet, sugary treats from one of our favorite local donut shops.

Here are our favorite spots around the High Country to grab a tasty treat to start your day:

Donut Hole (Located in Downtown Blowing Rock)

Located upstairs at Camp Coffee Roasters, the Donut Hole offers hot mini donuts and a Camp Coffee cold brew bar. Only a short walk from Chetola, flavors like Cha Cha Chai Sugar, Hot Cocoa Sugar, and Mellow Gold Curry Sugar are 100% worth the short walk or drive to Downtown Blowing Rock.

The Donut Hole is only open Fri – Sun.

Hole Lotta Doughnuts (Located in Downtown Boone, Downtown West Jefferson, and Lenior)

If you’re searching for fresh and delicious, glazed yeast doughnuts and fritters that are as big as your head, then Hole Lotta Doughnuts should be your first morning stop. Boasting lots of flavors, fun colors, and sprinkles, your taste buds will do a happy dance after your first bite.

And with locations in Downtown Boone, Downtown West Jefferson, and Lenoir, you’ll never be too far away from a delicious doughnut.

Local Lion (Located off Highway 321 towards Boone)

Local Lion makes their delicious donuts fresh all day, every day! With lots of gluten-free options, fresh fruits, and made-from-scratch dough and glazes, Local Lion will be one of your new favorite stops in Boone. Specializing in Potato Doughnuts (using a traditional 1930’s recipe) and Sour Cream Buttermilk Cake Doughnuts, your mouth will be watering as soon as you pull in the drive-thru.

Photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme (Located off Highway 321 towards Boone)

Although not necessarily a local donut shop, Krispy Kreme got it’s start just a few hours away from Blowing Rock in the town of Winston Salem. So even though the name Krispy Kreme is known around the country, if you’re looking for a classic “Hot Now” original glazed donut, Krispy Kreme is your spot.


And if tasty donuts are not really your thing, StickBoy Bakery in Boone offers a variety of delicious breads and pastries. Or, if you are really looking to step up your dessert game, stop by Timberlake’s Restaurant at Chetola Resort and enjoy a heavenly sweet treat from our in-house pastry chef, Abby.


However you choose to get your sugar fix during your visit to Blowing Rock, your sweet tooth will be satiated with any of these amazing options!


Top 10 Walks from Chetola Lodge to Maintain Your Wellness While Visiting Blowing Rock

For many of us, we dread the idea of exercising while on vacation, however, it is easy to find a balance between a total “haven of rest” and an epic, heart-pounding adventure to the mountains. Because there are so many places to explore within walking distance of Chetola Resort, we have come up with a top 10 list of enjoyable walks to get outside, breathe in some fresh mountain air, and feel good about yourself. We have even included a range for the number of steps (since we all have different strides) from the lobby in the Lodge to the destination. So, for those looking to walk 5,000, 10,000, or even 20,000 steps to earn that extra dessert from Timberlake’s, we have you covered. The following are in no particular order, however, we hope these will encourage you to get outside!

Chetola Guard House/ Welcome Gate (1750-1800 steps)
This will take you around a large area of Chetola Lake, past ducks, swans, and geese, as well as through the grounds of Chetola Resort. If you are looking for a nice, leisurely walk after dinner or first thing in the morning, this is a great option. While passing by the lake, you will likely see other guests fishing, relaxing in the Adirondack chairs, and during the warm season, guests enjoy paddleboats, canoeing, or stand-up boards. For those looking for a little more action, continue past the gate and turn right to go into the downtown village of Blowing Rock.

Bass Lake Loop in Moses Cone National Memorial Park (4000-5000 steps)
Kids In Parks and Chetola Resort have partnered to create the Chetola Resort Bass Lake Track Trail to encourage kids to get outside. This 2-mile hike is slightly uphill until you reach the Moses Cone Park boundary and then is a fairly easy and flat stroll through the woods and around beautiful Bass Lake. There are picnic benches to stop along the way. Also, the Cone Manor is visible from several areas around the Lake. If you have 45 minutes to an hour (longer with the kiddos, as they enjoy finding bugs and sticks along the way), this is a great option to reach that 5,000 step goal!

Broyhill Park in Blowing Rock (5400-5800 steps)
If you feel like combining a trip to downtown Blowing Rock with a visit to a beautiful park, then Broyhill offers that experience. You can easily spend 2-3 hours between walking around downtown and making your way over to Broyhill Park. There are walking trails, Mayview Lake, and even a pool in the summer for kids! Regardless of the season, if you are looking for some real steps, while enjoying all that Blowing Rock has to offer, this is a fantastic option. We recommend either stopping for lunch at Hellbender, a coffee at Bald Guy, or a sweet treat at Blue Deer Cookies along the way!
*Note that the steps on this can vary, as there are so many ways to enjoy this walk!

tanger shops

Tanger Outlets (1400-1500 steps)
Whether you are checking out the shops or dining at one of the fun eateries, Tanger is the perfect hop, skip, and a jump away from Chetola. There is a private entrance through the northeast side of the property, just past the dam and waterfall. During the summer, there is live music, as well as an artisan market the first Friday of each month. Columbia Sportswear is coming June 2021, which may also be the perfect place to upgrade your fitness workout attire.

Photo by: The Wanderlust Couple

Camp Coffee in downtown Blowing Rock (2400-2650 steps)
If you wake up one morning and have a desire for exercise and your favorite coffee drink, walk around Chetola Lake and out of the property towards Camp Coffee (turn right towards downtown Blowing Rock). This fairly short walk takes you to one of Blowing Rock’s exquisite coffee shops and soon-to-be donut places! The people are friendly, there is a fun outdoorsy vibe, outdoor seating, great coffee drinks and treats. We like their Nitro on tap for a smooth, creamy cold coffee beverage with a boost to start your day! For additional steps, keep walking along Main Street, as there are several boutique shops, restaurants, and a couple of Parks (Blowing Rock City Park and Broyhill Park).

Walk a Round of Frisbee Golf (2000-2500 steps)
Did you know that Chetola has its own private disc golf course? All guests of Chetola have access to this course throughout their stay. Simply walk to our Rec center for maps, discs, and a score card. Don’t forget to visit the new Chetola Retail shop for grab & go snacks and drinks. This 9-hole course winds throughout the property, along creeks, across grassy fields, and into the woods for beginner to intermediate play. There are a few picnic areas around to enjoy lunch or stop to enjoy nature. This is certainly one of the more exciting ways to get your steps in while visiting!

Chetola Dam/ Greenway Entrance (700-800 steps)
For a short, leisurely stroll, head out of the Lodge and turn left towards Tanger Outlets. Once you come to the bottom of a small hill, you will see the bridge to your right. There is a new viewing deck below, along with a nice picnic spot. The view from the bridge (top of dam) is beautiful, looking back towards the lake and resort. This is one of the original entrances to Chetola Resort, built by Luther Snyder in the 1920’s.

Photo by: Blue Ridge Parkway Association

Apple Barn in Moses Cone (via the Maze trail back to Bass Lake and to Chetola (6500 to 6750 steps))
If you are looking for a quiet trail to stretch your legs, the path up to the Historic Apple Barn is perfect. From Chetola Resort, head up towards the tennis courts and then follow the Chetola Resort Bass Lake Track Trail until you reach the Maze Trail. From there, go right (left goes to Bass Lake) and follow until you reach the Apple Barn. After enjoying a picnic or snack on the porch, follow signs back to Bass Lake (for a longer trip, just head back the way you came) and you will come to the Lake. If you are feeling ambitious, feel free to mosey around the entire lake, or head back to the Resort. This is a great option for those looking for a trail in the woods and some options to venture around the Moses Cone Trail System.

BRAHM- Blowing Rock Art & History Museum (5750-5900 steps)
Celebrating 10 years in 2021, BRAHM provides cultural offerings for the local community. There are ongoing exhibits on history & art, as well as a variety of programs throughout the year. Admission is free for everyone. There are also seasonal events for all ages, a special BRAHM Kids Program, art classes, fundraising, and a gift shop. For guests of Chetola, we have BRAHM backpacks for the kiddos in our retail shop with art and nature themes, offering a fun, learning activity set for ages 6 and up. All proceeds from the backpacks support BRAHM.

Photo by: Rhoddie Bicycle Outfitters

Rhoddie Bicycle Outfitters (3550-3650 steps- via Ransom Street)
Rhoddie is named after one of the most iconic plants of the Appalachians, the Rhododendron (from www.rhoddiebicycleoutfitters.com). Owners, Brian and Allison Sain, started the bike shop to be able to share their passion with locals and guests by connecting people to the many cycling opportunities in the area. They offer bike sales and service, as well as a plethora of information and guidance on where to bike in the High Country. For those looking for some inspiration in spending time outdoors, look no further than Rhoddie Bicycle!


Epic adventures await you in the Blue Ridge Mountains when you stay at Chetola Resort. While everyone's idea of adventure looks different, we know some of our visitors are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience. And if you’re looking for some adventurous bike rides, we've got you covered.

*Note: if you are new to the sport, we would recommend going with an experienced rider or someone familiar with the trails as many trails around the High Country can be considered as strenuous.

Here are a few of our favorite mountain biking spots around the area:

Photo by: Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park

Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park (Located in Boone, NC)

Rocky Knob is a 185-acre park with 10 miles of bike trails and three dedicated skills areas. There is a pump track for beginner mountain bikers to learn and improve skills, and a playground for visitors to enjoy. Hikers are also allowed to use the trails, however, they must follow signage that directs them in the opposite direction of bikers.

Photo by: W. Kerr Scott Reservoir

Kerr Scott Reservoir Trails: Warrior Creek, Dark Mountain, & Overmountain Victory Mountain Bike Trails (Located in Wilkesboro, NC)

The W. Kerr Scott Reservoir trail system has over 20 miles of single-track for mountain bikers to enjoy. The Kerr Scott Trails are known for flow (it’s been called a free rollercoaster) and berms.

Photo by: Cub Creek Park

Cub Creek Park (Located in Wilkesboro, NC)

Cub Creek is a 117.52-acre park that borders downtown Wilkesboro. Visitors can enjoy 4 different mountain bike trails along with many other park amenities including water fountains, restrooms, and picnic shelters (for a mid-ride snack).

Photo by: Zacks Fork Trail

Zack’s Fork Trail (Located in Lenoir, NC)

Zacks Fork Trail is a community-built, beginner-friendly, public mountain bike trail. There is currently only one trail, but expansion plans are in progress. Runners and walkers are welcome on this trail!

Photo by: Emerald Outback

Emerald Outback (Located in Beech Mountain, NC)

The Emerald Outback trail system has nearly seven miles of gorgeous and challenging trails. The trails are mostly single-track and double-track trails, with a few grassy roads and a gravel fire road. These trails are open for mountain bikers, trail runners, and hikers.

Photo by: Beech Mountain Ski Resort

Beech Mountain & Sugar Mountain (Located in Beech Mountain & Sugar Mountain NC)

If you’re an experienced downhill rider, then the trails at Beech and Sugar Mountain are your spot to adventure. The terrain offers something for every rider, from the beginner to experienced. But some of the terrain can be steep and technical, with lots of rocks and obstacles. The Beech and Sugar Mountain Bike Parks require lift tickets to enter the trail systems.


If you’re looking for a little bit of a calmer ride, here are a few rides we’d recommend:

Photo by: High Country Visitors Guide

Boone Greenway (Located in Boone, NC)

The Boone Greenway is a fully accessible trail for all types of adventurers including, cyclists, walkers, runners, wheelchairs, strollers, and hikers. Whether you’re looking for gravel or pavement, the Boone Greenway offers a fun (and flat) biking experience for riders.

Photo by: Virginia Creeper Trail

Virginia Creeper Trail (Located in Damascus / Abingdon, Virginia)

The perfect day adventure for kids and families is the Virginia Creeper Trail. Located only about an hour from Blowing Rock, the Virginia Creeper Trail is a multi-use trail with opportunities to bike, walk, run, fish, horseback ride, people watch, cross country ski, and geocache.


Whatever trail you choose to ride, we hope you have fun out there! And remember to wear your helmet and all other appropriate safety gear!


And after a day of epic riding…

Relax your muscles at the Spa at Chetola Resort or with a delicious meal at Timberlake’s Restaurant with dessert (you’ve earned it!).


For more information on trails and trail status visit https://ridenwnctrails.com/

And if you’re in need of a tune-up or have specific bike questions visit our friends over at Rhoddie Bicycle Outfitters (just a short ride or walk from Chetola) for any of your bicycle needs during your visit to Blowing Rock!


Everything about the High Country is unique; from the attractions to the lodging, the weather, and the views, but one of our favorite things about the High Country is the variety of unique shopping options in this area.

Whether you are looking for a fun new outfit, gifts for friends, Moon Pies & RC Cola, farm fresh vegetables, or a spot to support local artisans, here are a few of our favorite spots to shop during your visit this spring and summer:

Downtown Blowing Rock (2 min drive, 12 min walk)

Downtown Blowing Rock, just a short walk or drive from Chetola Resort is one of our favorite spots to find unique boutiques, art, jewelry, antiques, and home decor shops. With countless spots to shop for unique finds (and lots of delicious restaurants nearby for a midday snack) you could spend all day exploring everything that Downtown BR has to offer.

tanger shoppes on the parkway

Tanger Outlets (4 min drive, 7 min walk)

With your favorite stores like Banana Republic, Columbia (coming soon), Gap, and stores only in the High Country like The Trading Shoppes, High Country Herbs and Holistic, and Docs Rocks Gem Mine, there is somewhere for everyone to shop at Tanger Outlets. And May – November on the first Friday and Saturday of every month, support local artisans at Tanger’s Artisan Markets!

Downtown Boone (17 min drive)

With most shopping located on the iconic King Street, experience the best of the Boone area by shopping a wide selection of great antique stores, craft venues, art galleries, and specialty shops.

Mast General Store (Boone Store – 17 min drive, Original Store – 26 min drive)

Take a step back in time at the Mast General Store. Visit the Boone location or the original Mast Store location in Valle Crucis! Whichever Mast Store you choose to experience, make sure you don’t miss out on the Candy Barrel where you can treat yourself to all your favorite nostalgic candies! Or if candy is not your thing, be sure to pick up a Moon Pie and an RC Cola!

Southern Highland Craft Guild (6 min drive)

Shop some of the best hand-crafted goods inspired by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Moses Cone Manor. After shopping, experience the beauty of the Cone Estate by hiking a few miles on some of the carriage trails surrounding the property.

Blowing Rock Farmers Market (3 min drive)

Opening May 20 and located right in the heart of Downtown Blowing Rock, the Blowing Rock Farmers Market hosts local vendors every week on Thursdays from 3-6pm on Park Ave in Downtown Blowing Rock. Shop for fresh flowers, local beef, local produce, plants, and more on your next visit to the Blowing Rock Farmers Market!

Watauga County Farmers Market (14 min drive)

Every Saturday morning from May until November, start your weekend out with a stop at the Watauga County Farmers Market. Whether you are a local or just up for a weekend visit, the WCFM is the place to be on Saturday mornings for live music, delicious pastries & biscuits, local produce, and handmade art. Stop by and experience one of the most enjoyable markets in western North Carolina.

Blowing Rock Art in the Park (3 min drive)

Support even more local artists when you visit a Blowing Rock Art in the Park event! Once a month, May through October, visitors are invited to enjoy arts and crafts from award-winning and acclaimed artisans. Each show will feature a different set of artists with a wide variety of artistic mediums – so be sure to stop by every month to see new artisans!

If you would rather stay on property for a shopping experience, check out the Chetola Gift Shop where we have official Chetola merchandise, Orvis® fly-fishing gear, and locally crafted gifts!

Enjoy exploring the shops of the High Country!


Few things are better than savoring an exquisite glass of wine while enjoying the scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lucky for us, there are quite a few beautiful wineries around the High Country for locals and visitors to enjoy. Here are a few of our High Country favorites only a short drive from Chetola Resort:

Grandfather Vineyard & Winery (23 min drive)

Enjoy an award-winning glass of wine from a local, family-owned vineyard on the banks of the Watauga River with a view of Grandfather Mountain. With delicious wines, tasty food trucks, and a relaxing ambiance, your visit to Grandfather Vineyard & Winery will be a highlight of your trip.

Banner Elk Winery (40 min drive)

Offering tastings, tours, and awe-inspiring views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Banner Elk Winery is a must-stop on your winery tour of the High Country. Stop by to enjoy excellent wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the Blue Ridge Mountains and take a bottle from your trip home with you.

Linville Falls Winery (43 min drive)

A family-owned and operated vineyard and winery, a visit to Linville Falls Winery is an experience you don’t want to miss. Located just a mile away from its namesake Linville Falls, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a beautiful hike and “earn your wine”. With a variety of wine options, yoga, chocolate, live music, food trucks, and beautiful scenery, add Linville Falls Winery to your Wine Tasting Bucket List.

Watauga Lake Winery (51 min drive)

Discover the first winery in Johnson County, Tennessee, and walk through history in their historical Dry Run Schoolhouse Winery. Inspired by the wines and scenery of Italy, these award-winning wines are made for every palate.

Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery (1 hr 9 min drive)

Travel to Tuscany right in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the family-owned Raffaldini Vineyards. With vineyard tours, wine tasting, their annual Fest Italiana, and gorgeous views, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Raffaldini Vineyards.

If you would rather stay on property for a delicious glass of wine, Timberlake’s Restaurant at Chetola Resort offers elusive wines that you won’t find in stores. We’ll save you a glass!

Enjoy your winery tour of the High Country!

Visit https://www.highcountrywinetrail.com/ to see all the vineyards and wineries along the trail!