Fitness Classes

At Chetola, both your physical health and your spiritual health are important to us. Maintain and enhance your spiritual health while enjoying the comforts and treatments in the Spa at Chetola. Maintain and improve your physical health by attending our fitness classes and utilizing our personal training programs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase strength and endurance, improve your self image or just feel better in general, our fitness and training programs are designed for varied fitness levels. We also offer continuing education credits for professional massage therapists that will enhance the experience for both the therapist and the client.

Fitness Schedule

May 1-August 31, 2018

TUESDAYTennis ClinicPilatesHike at Rough Ridge
WEDNESDAYBoot CampSwan Flow Yoga
THURSDAYTennis ClinicPilates
FRIDAYBattle RopesSwan Flow Yoga
SATURDAYSwan Flow Yoga
SUNDAYGentle Yoga


Fitness Class Descriptions


Chetola Flow Yoga

Classes include postures that strengthen, tone and increase flexibility with emphasis on alignment while synchronizing the body's motions with the breath. This synchronization results in a steady workout and increases mental focus. Classes are 90 minutes.

Fitness Hike

A blend of hiking and flexibility/strengthening exercises on our grounds and the Moses Cone Trails.

Gentle Yoga

Ease into strengthening postures with a slow, gentle restorative pace. This class is a mindful practice with hands-on guidance that will reduce stress for beginners and long-time practitioners alike.

Guided Hike

Our knowledgeable fitness guides will lead you on some of the most beautiful trails in the country for approximately 2-3 hours, varying the terrain and speed based on guests' skill and fitness levels. Length varies depending on destination; charge for this hike is $10.

Hot Yoga

High energy class that helps to detox the body while moving more deeply into postures and synchronizing the body's motions with the breath. Room is heated to 85 degrees. 


A series of exercises performed on a mat with emphasis on integrating all the muscles of the body with all movement originating from the core. Pilates helps create long, lean muscles, and improves flexibility, balance and muscle control. All levels are welcome. Class meets in the fitness/yoga studio.

Pump and Flex

This fun and challenging class will tone and strengthen your entire body. Pump and Flex works all the major muscle groups by combining weights, bands, fitness balls and body weight in a fast-paced workout that gets your heart pumping.

Quick Fit

A total body workout combining cardio, strength-training and flexibility. If the weather is nice, class will be held outside; otherwise, class will be held in the fitness studio or the gym.

Swan Flow Yoga

Chetola's signature yoga class incorporates highlights from the Spa, such as aromatherapy, hands-on adjustments, massage and stress reduction. The class focuses on a gentle to strenuous flow that uses breath work to ease you into proper alignment while building heat and strength in your body. All levels are welcome.

Water Works

Water conditioning is a great way to control pain/stiffness, increase energy, strength and cardiovascular fitness. This class is great for anyone looking for a mild to moderate workout or managing chronic or acute injury or arthritis.

Yoga Fit

A total body workout combining Yoga & Quick Fit to increase flexibility, balance, focus, cardio and strength training.

Yoga Hike

The Moses Cone Trails are the perfect backdrop for this combination class. We will hike to increase heat in the body while building strength and flexibility through yoga postures.


Classes include postures that strengthen, tone and increase flexibility with emphasis on alignment while synchronizing the body's motions with breath and a series of movements that are designed to improve circulation, posture and body awareness.

Zumba Tone

A combo class of targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves to create a calorie-torching, strength-training dance-fitness party. You will learn how to use lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and sculpt all your target zones.