Pet Perks



Furry guests (dogs and cats only, please) may stay in our pet-friendly first-floor lodge rooms for $25 per night or $75 for the full stay.

  • Rooms come equipped with water and food bowls and a mat.
  • A loaned Chetola leash supplied by and returned to the Front Desk identifies your pet as a Chetola registered guest. Attached to the leash is one waste bag.
  • The Front Desk and Recreation Center have maps detailing incredible hikes, waterfalls, and photo-perfect vistas you and your pet can enjoy.

We are happy that you and your pet have joined us at Chetola Resort! We want you and all our guests to have a wonderful and memorable stay, so we ask you to join us in following some simple guidelines:

  • “Pets” are restricted to dogs and cats and are limited to a maximum of two per unit and no more than 80 pounds each.
  • The leash supplied to you at check-in must be on your pet at all times, and your pet must be with you at all times on the property.
  • Pets get lonely and can be anxious in an unfamiliar place. Pets left in rooms unattended must be crated. We will provide complimentary crates if you are not traveling with one. Regarding noisy pets in your absence, we require a cell phone to be left with our Front Desk staff in the event your pet is disturbing other guests, at which time you will be called and must return immediately to comfort and/or remove the pet. If you do not answer, Security will remove the pet and relocate them to a safe location on property where they are not disturbing guests.
  • Housekeeping to schedule a time (between 8am-2pm) for cleaning when you and your pet will be out of the room. Even though your pets will be crated if you aren’t there, we don’t want to upset them with strangers working around them.
  • There are lots of places for your pet to play, but not in the restaurant, pub, meeting rooms, or spa and recreation center. Pets are only permitted on the first floor of Chetola Lodge, in the 2nd Floor Lobby, and outdoors on Chetola grounds.
  • Service animals, assistance animals, or pets are not permitted to swim in Chetola Lake or our two upper ponds.
  • Never approach any wildlife with your pet (swans, deer, raccoons, bears, skunks, ducks, geese, etc.).
  • We love green grass and so does your pet, so please clean up afterward with the provided waste bags located at various stations around the property.
  • A $200 ‘Yuck Fine’ is assessed if we have to clean up your pet’s waste.
  • Animals that display an aggressive nature or disturb the tranquility of others as solely determined by Chetola staff (examples: barking, jumping, biting, scratching, chasing others) must be removed from Chetola Resort immediately. Please keep them in your control and care.
  • Chetola proudly supports the adjoining Moses Cone National Park with its 27 incredible miles of hiking trails for you and your pet. Maps are available at the Front Desk and the Recreation Center. Be sure to keep your pet on a leash throughout the park as the Park Rangers strictly enforce this policy (and, trust us, they don’t give warnings, so consider this the only one).

Chetola Resort may make exceptions to the pet policy on a case-by-case basis to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals as required by federal law.