the spa at chetola resort
the spa at chetola resort

Facial Treatments

We proudly use the following Facial Products: Osmosis Skin Care and Aveda

Each of our following add ons is unique and designed to enhance any of our treatments.
All add ons will be incorporated into the allotted time frame of your scheduled treatment.

Luscious Lip Treatment - Using the Eminence Lip Kit, this treatment hydrates and plumps lips, making them feel fuller and moisturized. $20

Radiant Eye Treatment - Using the Eminence Eye Products, this treatment helps exfoliate dry skin around the eyes, decrease dark circles and wrinkles, and decrease puffiness, leaving you with a youthful, smooth eye area. $20

Combination Lip and Eye Treatment - $30

Organic Vitamin Boost  - Using ingredients that result in firmness and elasticity to help reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles, this treatment assists with anti-aging, brightening the complexion, rosacea, and oily or acne-prone skin. $10

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment - $20

Peel Infusion Treatment - $50

Revita Pen Treatment - $50

Decollete Refresher - $50


“The Works” Rejuvenating Facial

       Using a combination of ingredients that are medical grade and organic to increase collagen, this facial repairs the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment includes a 3 step lip treatment and 4 step eye treatment that exfoliates and repairs fine lines. Relax with hot towels, delicious smells, massage and products that rejuvenate your skin.
90 Minutes: $190

Chetola’s Signature Facial

Custom tailored for your skin type, your esthetician will select products that will refine and pamper your skin with luscious fruit, vegetable, and herbal facial products. This facial will cleanse, balance, and revitalize your complexion, leaving your skin soft, toned, and naturally beautiful.
60 Minutes: $105 • 90 Minutes: $150

Moisturizing Facial 

Whether it is because you live in an arid climate, caffeinated beverages or have over exfoliated- you may suffer from dry skin.  Restore your protective lipid barrier using products from Osmosis new moisturizing collection.  Rich in essential fatty acids, flavonoids, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals.  This facial feeds the skin with ingredients designed to regain barrier integrity and combat nutrient starved skin.
60 Minutes: $115 • 90 Minutes: $160

Gentleman’s Facial

This facial deep cleanses, energizes, tones, and moisturizes using products especially selected for men’s skin.  This application includes steaming towels and nourishing herbal and medical compounds with antioxidants which are massaged into the skin to smooth, renew, and detoxify. Your skin will feel more relaxed, refreshed and toned.
60 Minutes: $105

Organic Medi Facial

Increases collagen and elastin by using ingredients that enhance penetration by 1000% resulting in firmness and elasticity that reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles. This is an excellent treatment for anti aging, brightening the complexion, rosacea and oily or acne prone skin.
60 Minutes: $115 • 90 Minutes: $160

Peel Infusions

Aggressive acid chemical peeling is proven to thin the skin.  This is the first non-acid peel in the skincare industry that is safe for every skin type. Our Peel Infusion will remodel your skin with minimal down time, no discomfort and no inflammation of skin. This treatment is meant to be a booster to ongoing skin care efforts set forth in the Organic Medifacials and homecare regimes.  Infusions are also available for Anti-Aging, Hyperpigmentation, Acne and Rosacea.
60 Minutes: $145 • 90 Minutes: $190

Back Facial and Massage

Relax with a deep cleansing back facial using our crushed grains and spices to exfoliate, detoxify and smooth every inch of the back.  Your esthetician uses hot steaming towels and a healing penetrating masque selected for your skin type. Special toners and moisturizers will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Feel your stress melt away as we finish with a relaxing and rejuvenating neck and back massage.
60 Minutes: $120

Chetola’s Signature Massage and Facial Combination

The Spa’s most popular treatment, this procedure is custom tailored for your skin type and body’s needs. Your esthetician will choose products that will refine and pamper you, leaving your skin soft, toned and naturally beautiful. Both treatments help promote the release of physical and emotional tension, while relaxing and toning muscles and improving circulation.
90 Minutes: $160


Revitalizing Facial

60 Minutes: $140 • 90 Minutes: $185

Add-On Options 

Add a 30-Minute Neck, Back or Foot Massage to your facial for $50. Ask your esthetician about eye and lip treatment add ons.