When Was the Last Time You Went on an Adventure?

Are you adventurous? Or, do you secretly wish you were? So, when was the last time you were…was it last week or last month or two years ago? AND we’re not talking about an adventure to the beach or to the local winery…we’re talking about a REAL adventure. One that creates memories you will never forget. One where you are surrounded in a canopy of trees without cell service. We know losing cell service could be an adventure in itself.

The literal meaning of adventure is “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity.” An adventure is seeking out a spot that no one else really knows about. One that starts at the top of a mountain and ends at one of the most beautiful lodges you have ever seen. This place is a spot where the whole family can come and enjoy endless fresh mountain air – including the grandparents – we know they will love it!

Chetola Sporting Reserve 5-Stand

This spot, where your adventure takes place, is down at the Chetola Sporting Reserve, where there are exhilarating experiences like shooting and archery. Not too many people know about this spot. Your adventure to the Sporting Reserve starts at the gatehouse at Blue Ridge Mountain Club. Make sure to say hi to our friends at the gatehouse. Wind your way down through the twists and turns until you spot our RED arrow and sign. So, you turn down that road that looks like it’s a road to nowhere. At your first turn, make sure to take in that view. Roll down the windows and catch a sniff of the bark from the trees and hear the sound of the water flowing through the creek. Then, count the number of deer you see on your journey down and check out all the different colors of wild mushrooms. You might forget this, but don’t - take lots of pictures because you know you are going to want to show your friends this adventure!!! Just take your time and soak it all in.

Once you have made it to the bottom of the canyon, you will see the green roof, which means you are an official adventurer- congratulations! Way to go! Now, park the car, take a deep breath, fill your lungs with that mountain air, and clear your mind to get ready to shoot. BECAUSE today is your adventure…and one that you will never forget!

- Christina Dean, Office Manager at Chetola Sporting Reserve


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