Note from the CSR Team


From the desk of the CSR Director, Fall 2019

Like many of you reading what is expected to be the first of many CSR Newsletters, the love of the Outdoors was passed on down from a Grandfather. Back in the day, in rural England, the right to even own a shotgun was a privilege, not a right. ‘Grampa’ had a .410 and his dog Sport, a Brittany Spaniel. To own a shotgun, one had to prove a level of need, along with written permission to hunt from the landowner that owned enough land that hopefully would produce game. This documentation was given to the local Constabulary and a gun maker, and if approved, away we went; and the few rabbits that lived in the burrows of the Cotswold’s in western England were on their guard.

We living in the US are indeed fortunate to have rights through Amendment procedures to own weapons of nearly all types, and I can feel a little smirk coming on when considering nearly three centuries ago, the British helped to create this ‘Right.’

At the CSR, your Reserve, as owners and guests, we want you to exercise these rights, and practice the fine art of shooting to your hearts content. The main purpose of the Newsletter, which is scheduled for every season of the year, or four issues per year, is to keep our members abreast on what is happening, and what will happen. We enjoyed seeing many of our members at the October Dinner, and hope to plan more gatherings in 2020. Remember, we are indeed a membership driven entity, so these dinners and other events are being designed to get folks with like-minded interests, together.

The good news is that the CSR membership is steadily growing. Grayson reported to me just last week that this past August was the most successful month yet, and we have had more members join the CSR in the past eight months than the previous two years put together since opening. To all our members that have joined a big ‘Thank YOU!

We will put links to photos to see how the various seasons affect the CSR facility and the lands it sits on. Whether it is high summer or snow, we are aiming to be open for our members. Hence the newsletter being planned for four times a year. We will also bring you updates on the Chetola Fly Fishing activities which is also growing by leaps and bounds. Consider a trip on the river at some point as well, Dustin and our guides in this department are truly dedicated people and know the waters in the High Country like no others.

So, shoot straight and keep your eyes open for further news from the goings-on in the Chetola Outdoors!

-George F. Ellis