Quarterly Shooting Tip

Sporting Reserve Chetola SM 1


Then, take a deep breath, and call pull. Sporting Clays best kept secret of being consistent on targets is focus. And, not just any focus-acute binocular focus just before the shot placement. However, instead of focusing on the entirety of the clay, focus on the leading edge of the target. Where the acute focus truly matters is during the last 10-20% of the shot before you pull the trigger. Throughout the years, instructors and scientists have studied just how long that acute focus is-and it turns out that it’s only three-quarters of a second! So, just before you pull the trigger, let your instincts take over, hone-in intensely with both eyes on the leading edge, feel out in front of that crossing target with your barrel, and pull the trigger. With practice and building up a database in your mind of having a rough idea of where you need to be, your instincts will take over and you’ll feel the shot.
NSCA Level 2 Certified Instructor