New Rifle Range at CSR

Rifle Range sm

Set your sights on this new addition to the CSR!

Our recently completed 100-yard rifle range is your new spot to hone-in your rifle skills or get ready for the next hunting season. It will soon feature a state-of-the-art scrolling target system so the shooter never has to go down range to hang a new target. A push of a button will get you a brand-new one! Can’t see your grouping? Forgot your spotting scope? A camera target system will also allow the shooter to stay in the bay and see their last shot clearly on a digital monitor. This allows the shooter to easily zero in that scope before heading out to the old hunting grounds.

Got the sight zero’d in? Try your hand at an array of AR-500 steel targets laid along the 100-yd line. The custom built shooting station by the Chetola Construction Crew, features two lanes for shooters. One lane is designated “steel only,” while the other lane is designated to shoot steel as well as paper targets. Since the rifle range shares the archery and air rifle range, we suggest that you make a reservation by calling the Clubhouse at 828-264-6200.

Member Rates
$20/ hour first shooter in a lane
$10/ hour per additional shooter in the same lane (up to 2 additional allowed)

We look forward to seeing you at the Range!